Cleaning Service

About Our Company

Sofia Clean Agency is a company founded in order to fill in the need from a company which is ready to set a different standard in home and office cleaning.

With us the whole process in based on very precise human recruit. Then we take very seriously the training process which doesn’t stop though the whole time.

The one thing though which makes a big difference is our relation with our customers and our employees.

We are proud to say that our employees are our best and most valued asset!

Our customers receive from us a very personal attitude from day one. We take care of their needs and requirements s and they become our needs and requirements.

Our continuous effort to find the best cleaning equipment , tools and detergents are the next thing that make a big difference for us. We invest all the time in new cleaning machines and tools in order to provide the best quality of the service.

Relay on us!  Let us do the work and you enjoy the real important things

Our Team