Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning on Request

One-Time House cleaning on request

This one-time home cleaning service is tailored specifically for customers  who are not our regular customers but they would like to use one time this type of service. They have to request this service by submitting on-line form or simply calling us by phone. This type of service is limited hourly depending of the size of your apartment. It includes the following activities:

•Vacuuming all the floors and mopping them afterwards;

•Cleaning the dust from all the furniture;

•Cleaning and disinfection of all bathrooms;

•Throwing out the garbage, cleaning of all the trash cans;

•Cleaning of all kitchen appliances and kitchen furniture-outside surfaces;

•Changing the bed sheets, do the laundry while the cleaning;

•Taking care of clothes – folding and ironing up to one laundry machine with clothes;

•Cleaning of terraces and verandas.

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