Cleaning Service


Housemaid SCA

Housemaid is a cleaning service that our customers require in advance – you have an 8 hours cleaning service. This is not a regular service. This is service upon request – whenever you need it. We send you well trained and qualified employee to help you with everything you need in your household

The activities that may be done during these 8 hours are:

•Vacuuming all the floors and mopping them afterwards;

•Cleaning the dust from all the furniture;

•Cleaning and disinfection of all bathrooms;

•Throwing out the garbage, cleaning of all the trash cans;

•Cleaning of all kitchen appliances and kitchen furniture – outside surfaces;

•Changing the bed sheets, do the laundry while the cleaning;

•Taking care of clothes – folding and ironing up to one laundry machine with clothes;

•Cleaning of terraces and verandas;

•Helping with seasonal taking out/putting away of clothes.

In this type of service doesn’t include:

•Cleaning of windows, woodwork and blinds;

•Washing of carpets, sofas and mattresses etc; 

In this type of service we:

• are working with cleaning supplies and materials provided by the customer.