Cleaning Service


Office Cleaning

On a regular basis – once, twice, three times a week, or on a daily basis, you have scheduled a cleaning with a permanent employee or a team who is taking care of your office cleaning. The cleaning is done with cleaning detergents and materials provided by the customer or such provided by us – it is up our customer’s request.

The regular cleaning of the offices always starts with determination of the specifics of your working environment, of your type of business, working hours and days. If needed- we put all the requirements in written annex which we make part of our contract. That is how we make sure we keep high standards and maintain high quality in providing the service.

The regular office cleaning includes the following activities:

•Vacuuming all the floors and mopping them afterwards;

•Throwing out the garbage, cleaning of all the trash cans;

•Cleaning the dust from all the office furniture;

•Cleaning office appliances;

•Cleaning and disinfection of all bathrooms;

•Cleaning of all kitchen appliances and kitchen furniture – outside surfaces;

•Dusting doors, electrical appliances, outlets, window  ledges

•Optional – delivery of sanitary consumables;

•Replenishment of sanitary consumables;

•Scenting of the working spaces.

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